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Our daughter and is a very special young lady!
She was the first in our family to fall in love with Ragdolls. Soon our love of them and our
search for knowledge of this breed blossomed. Despite her physical disabilities she knew she was
meant to contribute to the Ragdoll breed, and she has...along with our help. This has been her
dream come true (and ours). We can call them "
our babies" but in all actuality there is a special
unsaid bond between our daughter and "
her" Ragdolls.

We are a very small family based breeder and our cats are our fur-babies.
They enjoy some very spoiled cat lives with lots of loving attention. Knowing and loving our
Ragdolls has been one of the most rewarding experiences of our lives. Breeding just for the
purpose of having kittens or making money is not where our interest comes from. We are
committed to the Ragdoll breed and all of the amazing characteristics they display.
Contributing to improving this breed so Ragdolls can be continued to enjoyed by
Ragdoll-lovers in the future is what this is all about. We believe in following the ethical
breeding standards, placing them in selectively chosen forever pet-loving homes, never allowing
them in a shelter and thus not contributing to over population which means spay & neutering of
our kittens going to pet families, and following along with the code of ethics for TICA and
Ragdoll Fanciers World Wide Club. We provide a health guarantee and are eager to maintain
updates about our babies produced. We've made some good connections with a few breeders who
have helped mentor us in the best directions with their wonderful suggestions, which we have
been very fortunate to have found! We do not work with any leasing or large breeding or
wholesale distribution of Ragdolls. Our Ragdolls are homegrown, immensely loved, and hand
selected with specific attention to detail.

This is what we looked for when we researched for our kittens and this is what we look to provide
to you for the sound peace of mind on getting the perfect Ragdoll baby.
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