Ragdolls are born white unless
they are Mink then they are born
with color.
Mink Ragdolls are more RARE
and have a richer coat that is more plush
and sheds less than other Ragdolls.

They also generally have
aqua eyes rather than blue.
Eye color deepens as they mature.
Ragdoll Kittens For Sale Wisconsin
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Chocolates can be difficult to tell the
difference between
Chocolate and
Seal. They can carry the chocolate
gene even if they are not chocolate.
It really only matters if they are
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ALL of our kittens have TICA Registration Papers
This is where kittens are born, in the comfortable labor and
delivery cabin with lifting lid. This provides a comfy and
secure spot where momma can feel safe delivering her
babies in her privacy, while we can still have easy access to  
monitor and assist as needed.
The skylights provided additional lighting
and extra viewing for us to see the kittens
from birds eye view, while they are too
young to mingle with our other cats or be
held by young children yet.
The upper floor has the
delivery and nursing
area where mom likes it
darker and more
secure in the cozy
cabin area on the
upper left. The center
area is a washable
surface where the
initial baby litter pan is
introduced to the
kittens at 3 weeks old.
When kittens are old
enough to wander
down the inside ramp,
the litter pan is moved
down below, by
mommas litter pan. The
food trays are then
placed on the upper
floor, where they begin
on soft food and
transition to hard food.
The lower area
becomes a great play
area and additional
interactive play toys
are added in here.
Previous Kittens
Pics of them when their eyes are just starting
to open and their color is just starting to show
Currently WE DO NOT have