"Ragdoll Rave's"   Ragdoll Kitten Sale/Health Contract

Buyer Info




Phone Numbers: (___) ___________        (____) _____________

Ragdoll Kitten Info

Birthdate: _________
Or Estimated Time Frame (If Known) Ie: Season/Year _________



Special Requests:_____________________________________

Parents:    Father______________________________


Breeding Rights: ______________

Payment Info

Total Price:_____________  This includes the $100 Spay/Neuter discount. Papers to be provided after proof of procedure is submitted.

Deposit Amt.____________ *Non-Refundable*

Balance Due: ___________  *Paypal Payments for final balance must be completed at least 7 days prior to pick up/delivery
                               Checks will require 14 days prior as out of state checks take 10 business days to clear.
                               Payments made at pick up must be in CASH only. No CHECKS/No Paypal/No Money Orders. *

Delivery Fee:____________  *Must be paid prior to delivery or shipping to allow time to clear. Paypal payments 7 days prior
                                Checks will require 14 days prior as out of state checks take 10 business days to clear.

Pick Up Date:____________ *Kittens are generally ready at 10 to 12 wks of age. If a kitten is smaller or needs more time, seller
                               reserves right to hold kitten a little longer until kitten is fully ready for transition to new home.
                               If placing deposit on kitten who is ready, expected time frame is within 1 week, unless otherwise
                               agreed upon. Failure to pick up within 1 week or agreed upon time frame, results in cancellation
                               of sale, no monies refunded, and kitten placed up for available for sale.

For Pick up    Please bring a kitten crate/carrier for transport outside. Kittens not in a carrier and carried outside will not be replaced or
         refunded. This is a new situation to kittens, they may get away from their well-meaning new families.

In the unforeseen event:  That a kitten becomes ill, gets hurt, or dies before kitten is ready to go to new family. Seller and Buyer both
                               agree the deposit (nonrefundable) will be transferred to another kitten when available. Buyer can choose
                               from next offered kitten or future offered kittens up to 12 months from expected delivery time of the initial
                               kitten. If no kitten has been offered. Seller will return the deposit amount. If a kitten has been offered but
                               buyer has not accepted, then deposit will be forfeited and not returned.


* The buyer has examined kitten and found it to be free of parasites and in good health.

* If sold with breeding rights. No guarantees are placed as to the results kitten will have in competition, or breeding capabilities. This is
beyond sellers control and are affected by care, environment, diet, stressors, and many other things. Rest assured only kittens who
seller feels will promote true quality and characteristics for continuing improving the breed are permitted to the best of ability.

* The buyer agrees to feed high quality foods, maintain veterinary requirements and vaccinations, keep kitten safe from harm, never allow
kitten outside (unless in screened cat safe area) as Ragdolls are not good at protecting themselves.

* The buyer agrees to NEVER surrender the kitten to a humane shelter or "pound", or to give away, or sell. If Buyer is unable to care for
kitten at any point in his/her life, buyer agrees to give kitten back to seller to be re-homed to a family of sellers choice. This goes into effect
the same day the kitten leaves sellers home. No refunds or resale fees are given. Seller does not want to contribute to overpopulation of
unwanted pets at shelters.

* The buyer agrees this kitten will never be given/sold to any pet stores, wholesalers, retailers, raffles, rescue centers, or as donation prizes.

* The buyer agrees that seller is not responsible for any veterinary fees at any time.

* The buyer agrees to seek medical attention for kitten at any signs of illness or unusual behavior.

* The buyer and seller agree this contract has been completed in Manitowoc County, State of Wisconsin. This contract has been completed
between only buyer and seller and any/all court proceedings must take place, filed, and heard within Manitowoc County, State of Wisconsin even
when buyer is from out of county/state. No part of this legal contract is transferrable.

Health Guarantee:

Kitten has received up to date vaccinations for:                                               
Panleukopenia, Rhinotracheitis, Calici, and Chlamydia                                    
Vaccination DATE:  ________________

Preventative Dewormings have been completed for a minimum of 2 courses   
Deworming DATES:________________    __________________

Rabies vaccinations are still required-Please follow your veterinarian's suggestions.
*BUYER AGREES TO NEVER have this kitten vaccinated for FIP! Ragdolls have had many adverse reactions to this!

Kitten should be kept away from other animals until veterinarian assessment. Recommendation is 2 weeks of quarantine from other animals.

Buyer is required to have kitten checked by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hrs. Any adverse health related results must be reported to seller
within 24 hrs. Buyer agrees if a condition exists the kitten will be replaced if a licensed veterinarian finds it  to have a life threatening congenital
health defect.  NO CASH REFUNDS.  The kitten will be exchanged for another of equal value when one is available provided a letter from the
veterinarian is given as evidence of the kitten's congenital defect and it is returned along with all the TICA and pedigree papers.
guarantee is valid until kitten is 24 months of age
. Any shipping and/or veterinarian expenses are the sole responsibility of buyer.  
Replacement must be claimed within 12 months of return of kitten, of kitten replacements offered. If no kittens will be available, Seller will refund
the purchase price. Seller reserves the right to refuse any further extension if buyer fails to accept a kitten/cat offered as a replacement within 12
months.  Once the new replacement kitten is in buyers possession, the kitten/cat CAN NOT be transferred by sale or gift to a third party.  If
replacement kitten is not wanted by buyer anytime after taking possession of kitten, the kitten MUST be returned to seller at buyers expense.

Misc Info/Changes: ______________________________________________________________________________________________


Additional Fee/Legal Info:
Buyer is responsible for checking local and state laws regarding pet ownership and licensing.

Purchaser: ______________________________    Seller:___________________________________                                                      

Signature:_______________________________    Signature ________________________________

Date:___________________________________    Date:____________________________________

Phone Number:___________________________    Phone Number:  920-645-5634    www.ragdollrave.com

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