The King of the house and he knows it. He lives a very spoiled
life. Hershey has such a charming personality that you just
can't help but fall in love with him. He has a whimsical sly
nature about him.  Napping and snuggling is a good quality
of his, as well as 'telling' us when its time for his treats.

We started 'squeezing' his cheeks when he sat in his treat
spot waiting for treats and he learned to gently tap us with
his paw on our cheek in return. It's now a fun game we do
with him when he 'asks' for treats.  He will eat just about any
kind of treat but he only likes crunchy ones. He doesn't know
that we have replaced his treats with cat food and we
aren't telling him either. He eats Royal Canin Cat food and
Friskies Surf n Turf as his 'treats'.

Hershey loves playing with everyone and even really young
kids can be seen lugging him around. When he has an
opportunity to 'escape' the loving hugs of two year olds
he doesn't. He just loves all the attention.
He's a laid back guy though and doesn't
require the attention either.
He's quite an interesting cat!

          His one obsession: Rose petals-he loves
                        to pick at them and does it right
                        in front of me-on purpose I swear!
Our Chocolate Mink Mitted "King"
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This interesting fella is a Nicknamed "H-2" because our friend's
daughter fell in love with the idea of naming him Hershey
(The 2nd)... We share him for breeding rights and he lives a
very spoiled life with our good friends who actually started
out as our daughters' Special Ed teacher! We have some
amazing friends! Now this up and coming star (and stud
hopeful), is living a very interesting life with them.

He lives with dogs, other cats, guinea pigs, and parrots! Yes
he plays with parrots. He is a very verbal guy and is always
chattering. I am imagining him trying to teach the parrots
how to speak "cat" and I have no doubt they have already
learned. If he starts to speak "parrot" though, then we will
really have an interesting story.

He's an awesome cat. He has a personality as big as his
heart and he loves anyone and everything. Maybe a little
bit too much at times as I would imagine even parrots have
their limits.  His coat is stunning and his eyes are captivating.
He is changing and improving more and more as he
matures and just keeps getting better.
We can't wait for his future kittens!
Our Seal Bicolor (Mitted) "King"
"H-2" aka "Hershey 2nd"
The Main King of our house!
What a loving guy he is too. He is just the most affectionate
and gentle sweetie. He loves to run and greet us when we
come home or when we get up in the morning he makes a
mad dash to the bathroom and often times we have to
wait for him to go through the door way on our way in. He
only does it because he is so happy to see us.

He doesn't have a mean bone in his body and he LOVES
everyone. He loves to make his rounds and then lounge
around catching snuggles when he can. He knows to stay
out of the way when there's a lot of activity going on but
even then he's just in the background patiently waiting.

He loves playing with the kittens and is eager to do so, much
more eager than the mom's would like him to be but he is so
gentle. He loves our females and grooms them and courts
them like a true gentleman. He's not a vocal cat at all but
loves to purrrrrrrr. Playfulness is a great quality of his.

His coat is SO soft and plush like rabbit fur and he has
AMAZING BLUE EYES. He isn't completely non shed, does shed
a little which is normal. He will catch a mouse, which
isn't normal for being a ragdoll. He doesn't
do anything with it other than to
make me scream!!!!!!!!
I think he laughs then!
Our Seal Point Mitted "King"