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Do you understand the reasons why declawing your
kitten is NOT advised? Regular trimming, scratching
posts, or nail caps are easy ways to resolve claw issues.
Ragdolls generally do not have issues with their claws as
others do, but leather type furniture should be monitored.
Please share with us any other information that would help us to provide the most suited kitten for placement into
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instances where I may transfer my deposit to another litter but that this
deposit is non-refundable unless there are not enough kittens born for
the gender reservation, or specific pre-agreed style of kitten is not
available, for the specific litter I placed my reservation with.

I understand that heat cycles, breeding estimations, and due dates
are just close approximations that may have variations. I understand
that until the kittens are born the time frame to expect my Kitten is an
estimation. I also understand that I am always welcome to ask as many
questions as I need to in order to obtain the most information to make
an informed decision on my future Ragdoll. By submitting this
application I am requesting approval to become a Ragdoll owner of a
kitten from "Ragdoll Rave" and I am in NO way making a commitment
until I am approved and place a reservation deposit.