Our Seal Point "Queen"

She is such a gentle & sweet Ragdoll. Bella is always eager to meet
visitors and other animals too.

Often she follows us around from room to room and comes when we
call her name. She can be independent and isn't offended if we
have been away and not home.

Spending the day cat napping and sunning herself are some of her
favorite things to do.  Its pretty common for her to take part in tea
party play or to join in on the action in other games with the kids.

Bella doesn't get into much trouble around the house as she is a
gentle play type of cat. She wouldn't make a good 'mouser', most
Ragdolls don't, but get out the cat fishing poll and she'll be
entertained by you as long as you want to keep playing.

Her voice is very quiet and only heard rarely when she makes this
faint rolling musical meow out of excitement to see us, followed by
her gentle purr! She's such a super sweetheart!

You know they say Ragdolls are like chips, you
can't stop at just one! So true!

She is just as sweet too. She has a very plush and
super soft & very full bunny-like coat. Her aqua
eyes show through so well against the dark seal
coloring on  her nose, ears &  tail. She has a nice
cheeky facial structure, and more round full cheeks.
Personality wise she is quietly curious. A little more
reserved at times. She will come out for company
and wait for them to come to her.  She loves to curl
up on the couch to a movie/nap and sleeps at
the foot of the bed. Her coat is easy to maintain as
she keeps herself meticulously clean.
Disney "Diamond"
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The name "Disney" is full of fond
once-in-a-lifetime memories!
Our daughter wants to name everything

Disney Diamond does live up to her name too.
She is very animated and seeks our attention
often. She's so eager to see us if we have
been away and needs to be in the same
room of the house with us. We often play with
her by running from room to room trying to
see if we can fool her into thinking we are
going into a room when not. She never gives
up as she's crazy about us. She loves to curl
up right on us or next to us and is a purring
machine. She grooms us as much as she
grooms herself. Which with the soft coat, she
keeps it beautiful! She's like a puppy with
how she follows us and hungers for our
attention. She can be a joker too as she steals
our notes and papers from us, sometimes right
in front of us. Every once in awhile we catch
her running away with a coupon or two.

She loves the kids and is right in with any and
all action. Even little kids can cart her
around, while she's purring away. She would
get lonely if she didn't have another cat
around so it is a good thing she hes plenty of
company here!
Beautiful Lilac mitted
with large round Sky Blue eyes!
Gorgeous Seal Mink
with stunning Aqua Eyes
"M & M"