Ragdoll Rave

Limp like a Ragdoll
Yes it is true! Even the kittens can be scooped up during play, held on their back, where
they lay limply...and lovingly....then place them back on their fours and off they are to
play again. It's quite entertaining. One of the most endearing qualities, of which they have
so many! There's simply NOTHING like a Ragdoll and you have to hold one just to see!

There just a few different patterns for the way the coat is colored.
These are called: Points, Mitted, Bi-Color, & Mink (There is also Lynx and Tortie)

Color point:  the classic pointed markings with no white.
Mitted:  white chin, white front paws, white boots that continues further up in the back,
some white on the chest and belly. Additionally the  Mitted variety may have an hourglass
shaped patch, or 'blaze', of white on bridge of nose.
Bi- color:  display an inverted ‘V’ marking on the face of white,all paws and legs are white,
the chest and belly is white also.  Nose and paw pads are pink.  Coloring is found on the
ears, outer portion of facial mask,  and tails.
Mink- New to being accepted as purebred Ragdolls, is the mink pattern. The body is much
richer in color, coat is more plush and softer, unlike the other Ragdolls who are born white
and begin to get their colors about 10 days of age- Minks are born with color. Body color is
darker though points are still slightly darker. They are said to shed less and their eye color is
generally aqua (Blue Green). Minks patterns also are carried by a gene and are traced
back to the first mother cat, Josephine. In addition Minks bred to Minks can create a much
richer coloring creating a Sepia. The Sepia's can have aqua, blue, green, or even gold
eyes.  Solid Ragdolls can also be achieved but are also a rare pattern as well. Not all
breeders will breed Minks or Solids, even though they are approved. For a time, breeding
for the points was in such demand they steered away from them. Increasing health, vigor,
coat, and vitality to the lines increases the quality and doesn't affect the natural loving
disposition of the Ragdolls. The demand for Minks is increasing and several breeders are
making it a priority to include them in their program to better the breed.

They generally come in six colors:
"Seal" which is a very dark brown,  
"Blue" which is a dark grey
"Chocolate" which is a lighter brown
"Lilac" which is a lighter grey
"Red" which is a golden color
and "Cream"
FYI : The lilac and the Chocolate are much more rare colors, and are very appealing.
In addition, true Creams, are generally males.

Additional Patterns and Markings
Lynx : Stripe variations of tabby markings with the facial "W" on the colored areas
Tortie: Speckled variations usually with cream, red, and another color on the colored areas.
Blazes: These are patches or areas of markings generally on the face or toe. Generally white
in color and not always symmetrical and add interesting character. Often quite popular.

Stunning Eyes
Are a common trait among most Ragdolls. Stunning BLUE EYES! It's one of the many
captivating aspects of their beauty. Mink Ragdolls tend to have a lighter aqua (blue
green) coloring to their eyes. Sepias and Solids can have the traditional Blue and most
often aqua or green, but Solids can have gold or mix-colored eyes.

Size, Shedding, Coat
Ragdolls are the largest domesticated cat. This means males generally reach more than 20
lbs and even up to 30 lbs. Females are lighter, leaner, and slightly less 'full' in the coat.
Shedding is a minimum and grooming need is rare due to their low shed and low mat coat.
Minks and Sepias tend to have a more plush and fuller coat than traditional Ragdolls.
Sepias have a much richer and deeper coloring.

Largely non aggressive, non assertive cats. They are social butterflies and are lovers and not
fighters. They are not good "mousers', but love to play with people. They are not highly
active and therefore don't get themselves into much trouble, however they are always
eager to jump into play time when offered. They should never be left outside due to their
overly trusting nature. They often adore dogs and children of all ages as they fear little. They
are referred to as 'puppy cats' because they have very similar personalities. They don't
'pester' due to their laid back personality but they love to be out where the action is and
at least observe whatever fun seems to be going on.  They can be taught tricks also.
Ragdolls are not known for their grace and can be clumsy at times. For this reason it is a
good thing they are not big fans of jumping. They are rugged and sturdy so an occasional
tumble and roll here and there won't hurt them.  They love to sleep with their people and
will often times follow you from room to room. A home with just one single Ragdoll and no
other company, will most likely be bored. Keep in mind they are like chips, you just cant
stop with one. And for good reason!

There is no 100% hypoallergenic cat. However that being said some cats can be tolerated
well by those who have mild to even moderate cat allergies. We've witnessed this first
hand and have met quite a few people who've been able to tolerate them. The best
advice, spend time with one and see how you react.
Exquisite Purebred Kittens
Ragdoll Info & FAQ
Please see the available kitten page for
pricing for each kitten. Pricing is for a kitten
with NO Breeding rights. Minks and Sepias style
coats are priced higher as are Lilac or
Chocolate coloring too.

What is included:
* 2 year health guarantee against genetic

*Spay/Neuter Discounts of $100 off the
purchase price.
(Kittens at reduced rate do
not apply) Papers will be provided after  
Spay/Neuter completion.

*First vaccinations & Litter trained

*Small Bag Food & Litter

*Baby Pictures

What is required:
All families must complete spay or neuter
by 7 months of age. We will discount the
purchase price $100 provided Spay/Neuter
appointment is scheduled at final payment.

All Families must agree to NOT DECLAW any
kitten or cat acquired from us. This practice is
very painful, actually removes the end of the
toes and causes permanent nerve damage
and pain. Ragdolls are very gentle with their
nails already. Alternatives are easy via
trimming monthly or having your vet apply
nail caps.

NONE of ours are declawed and you would
never know that. People have commented
how impressed they were with them and
would never have known they had their nails.

All Families must keep their cat indoors.
Ragdolls do not have protective instincts and
are socially over trusting of anyone and

Adoption Application:
Because we screen our applicants to ensure a
good fit for our precious babies and for you as
well, we ask for you to fill out the simple online
application. Once completed, it will get sent
to our email and we will review it and send
you back an approval email or an email
asking further questions.

Reserving an available Kitten
Once approved you are welcome to reserve
your kitten by placing a NON-REFUNDABLE
Deposit. Kittens are generally ready to go to
their new homes after 12 wks of age. This is
determined by each individual kitten's

Non-Refundable Means:
Once you have reserved your kitten. We will
turn away other potential families for this
kitten. If you choose not to take your kitten,
we could go through additional expense at
locating an different family for the kitten.
Therefore deposits are not refunded

Transfering Deposit:
If you need to transfer your deposit to a future
kitten or one from another litter. We will permit
transfer if we are able to fill your current
reservation without added expense or
additional time holding the current kitten.
Sometimes this is possible as there is a family
waiting and available to fill your current spot
quickly. Transferring is permitted by our
discretion. We will be reasonable and try to
work with you.  

Shipping or Delivery:
Please contact us.
Weather, Timing, Time of year all have
impacts. We will see what we can work out.
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