Ragdolls are plush, affectionate, loyal, loving, very trusting, puppy-like, and have a
mellow playfulness with rabbit like fur! It is no wonder they are so highly sought after! If
you have ever spent time with one, then you would agree that this breed is an
impressive one -not only in their stunning appearance and striking blue eyes -but also
by their amazing personality sure to win your heart!

Pick up a Ragdoll...and soon you will discover their trademark!

Their tendency to go limp, or become 'floppy' is the reason they were named "Ragdolls".
Simply put, they love to be held. They are trusting and fear very little-if at all.  From very
young on their floppy nature can be quite apparent!

Ragdolls are a large cat, widely known for their  laid back and mellow nature. Their
coats are plush and a medium to long length but their shedding is minimal. They have
pointed markings that resemble the siamese cats, though they are NOT siamese. There
are other markings such as bi-color, mitted, & mink. They generally come in six colors:
"Seal" which is a very dark brown,  
"Blue" which is a dark grey
"Chocolate" which is a lighter brown
"Lilac" which is a lighter grey
"Red" which is a golden color
and "Cream"

Points may be solid, lynx (stripe variations) or tortie (speckled variations).
"Pointed" simply means the body of the cat is white or cream and is lighter in color than
the darker tail, legs,ears, face. Mink occurs when the body color is not significantly
lighter than the 'points'. Minks are softer and more plush and are said to shed less. They
are more rare than traditional Ragdoll markings and are more sought after. Their prices
tend to be higher as well.

A Ragdoll's body frame is stocky with shorter legs and large in comparison to other cat
breeds.  Males can range from 15-20 lbs or more. Females averaging 10-15 pounds.
They are known for their stunning beautiful blue eyes. Mink Ragdolls can have an 'eye
catching' aqua coloring to their eyes. Sepias and Solids can have varying colors.

Renowned breeder Ann Baker of California, is credited with the origination of the
Ragdoll breed we know today. Although Ann became confused in her later life, and
she began making wild reasonings for the extraordinary characteristics of Ragdolls, she
was very dedicated to the creation of this breed. Starting out with Ann's solid white
Josephine in the 1960's and then through Ann's traceable strict breeding lines including
the best of the Persians, Bermans, and Burmese breeds the Ragdoll breed was 'born' ...
....& this breed couldn't be more purrrrrrfect!

Today Ragdolls breed true to the wonderful characteristics in a dependable and
predictable manner! This means, when you get a Ragdoll, you know what you are
getting and can count on getting just that!

Health, Personality, Charm, Temperament and Stunning looks!
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